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June 14, 2014
9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Legacy Flight Museum, Airport Rd. Rexburg, ID
Free of admission
2014 Airshow performers will be Kent Pietsch, Gary Rower, Buck Roetman, Brad Wursten, Todd Therp, Danny Sorensen, David Erickson and John Bagley.

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Our performer line-up for our 2014 air show is packed with nationally recognized performers as well as our local favorites. You can look forward to non-stop action for the entire show; as there will be car races, motorcycle performances, and a wide variety of air acts.

See Kent Pietsch in "Jelly Belly" as he lands on a platform mounted on a pickup, during his highly entertaining comedy act. Gary Rower will be paired up with Buck Roetman; Gary flying his vintage 450 horse Stearman and Buck flying his new Pitts Special. Brad Wursten will fly one of the most advanced aerobatic aircraft in the world today, an MXS-R. Danny Sorensen brings "Unfinished Business", a BF9-2 custom biplane which he designed and built himself and together they put on a spectacular show. Dave Erickson in his Czech designed Zlin-50 , John Bagley in the famous "Ole' Yeller" P-51 Mustang and the P-63, King Cobra and Todd Therp in his Pitts S-2 and Russian Interavia round out the field of performers.

The museum's newly acquired Gruman Tracker will open the show during the Star Spangled Banner and will present the American flag. The Mustangs, T-6s and King Cobra fly the Missing Man formation which will close out the air show. This promises to be a thrill a minute show with no lulls in the action, as all the aerobatic routines go back to back. We look forward to seeing you there!

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