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June 14, 2014
9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Legacy Flight Museum, Airport Rd. Rexburg, ID
Free of admission
2014 attractions will be firmed up later. See the 2012 poster below. We are tentatively planning to have Buck Roetman and Gary Rower return and bring back Kent Pietsch who landed on a moving pickup truck at our 2009 air show.

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Our 2012 air show on Saturday, June 16, was a great success; however we had an unfortunate incident during our practice run the day before. Buck Roetman of Wild Horse Aviation was flying the red Christen Eagle, shown flying straight up on our 2012 poster below. While very low, and having just completed a series of barrel rolls, Buck's Christen Eagle suffered a complete loss of thrust following loss of hydraulic oil pressure to the variable pitch propeller. In an extremely skillful display of flying ability, Buck avoided people, trees, and other obstacles, and put the Eagle down in a stretch of flat ground in the adjacent golf course. The Eagle went down hard and is considered totaled. Buck walked away with a sprained ankle and very minor injuries. The Legacy Flight Museum staff is very glad that Buck is OK and will be back in the air soon. We are sorry for his loss of the aircraft, and we congratulate Buck on his superb flying skill that enabled him to put that disabled plane down and walk away from it. Buck has promised to be back with a new aircraft for our 2014 air show.

2012 Air Show Poster